Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christmas in July Sale!

Hope this helps some of you get ready for "back to school".
If you are shoppin be sure to clip on MOST RECENT to see all the new items.
I have been working hard all summer to get things slowly changed to Save My Ink!
I am working through October at the present time so be sure to look carefully and even see if you don't get an updated download if you already purchased the item.
You can also check to the left side of this site for newer or updated items.
Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fall updates...

Trying to stay ahead of the game and switch all my products over to Save My Ink here are the two most recent that I will share Week 2 and 3 in October.  Perfect topics...perfect crafts...!
This first one embeds science into the literacy domain using reading, writing, vocabulary, and word study.  Yes, there is a freebie for you!!

Vocabulary cards are bright for you classroom.

The next one again is science with a literacy theme...
Again bright and cheery vocabulary cards.

 Cute craft to go with writing.


Okay Michele back to basics:
Thirty days has September!!!
If you downloaded this try again with the corrections!
Click here

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Journeys Unit Two Lesson Six

Unit two is complete as well as an extension packet on The Three Little Pigs.
As always I thought of you and hope you enjoy the freebies!!

And an all time favorite!!

Enjoy the weekend!  This lady is closing up shop!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Celebration and Attention Chants!

Yesterday on my Facebook page there was a post from Teaching with a Twist on Attention Grabbers used in her classroom.
I thought I would share with you what chants I use for attention and for celebrations.
They are great and can be added to...
Round of applause.
Pat yourself on the back.
Kiss your brain.
Lights out.
Chime rang.
Simon get attention.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Johnny Appleseed..,,,

With the update of this Unit I now have all packets updated, improved, and created for August through September.  I'M SO EXCITED!!
Remember I shared the planners with you?

I made it available to you but if you lost the link here you go...

The final packet is Johnny Appleseed.  It is packed with every subject area.
This unit includes science, math and a complete balanced literacy section all related to Johnny Appleseed and the Apple.
The packet begins with a Johnny Appleseed Craft.
It also has a Johnny Appleseed writing assignment with mini craft to attach.
Suggested Literature...
There are 8 books suggested including informational text as well as fiction. 
Each story includes a story response sheet.
There is a poem with a response sheet.
Included are 2 mini printable books filled with informational text for students to read and take home. (apple/Johnny Appleseed)
Following the mini books are Fact/Opinion and a True/False
A definition activity is included to support the Suggested Literature.
This section focuses on Opinion, Informational and Narratives.
Paragraph practice includes...can/are/will for apples and is/has/can for Johnny Appleseed
There is also prewrite pages for Opening Sentence, Details and Closing Sentence.
Final writing page
This section also includes an Anchor Chart with suggested vocabulary for the writing center as well as vocabulary cards for posting.
Word Work...
ABC Order
Word Search
Making Words
Parts of Speech
Vocabulary (fill in the blank)
These are designed for literacy centers or class work.
Observation page
Life Cycle page
Investigation page
My Apple page
Working with 10
Ten Apples up on Top...Number words and craft
Addition practice

WOW that's a lot of activities for apples and best of all each activity is related to Common Core Standards. 
I hope you will "pick" this packet!

And then of course your freebie.