Wednesday, January 17, 2018

120 Days of School...Cool!

With the new standards many of us are looking at celebrating 120 Days of School instead of 100.
And others may choose to celebrate both.
This packet is filled with suggestions and activities to help your 120th day to be perfect with 120 SMILES from all!

There is vocabulary for posting and a countdown to the 120th day.
There is also a reward certificate in color or black and white.
I usually stick a little treat to it like "Smarties".

Parent communication includes a letter explaining the special day of celebration and what you need their support with.  It also includes reminder slips for the shirt and for the snack item.
There is a Counting Mat to include for counting snack items.

There are gum ball machines for counting.  I love using Qtips and colorful paint for making 120 gum balls.  
There is a writing activity about the snack and an "I can...___ in 120 seconds" challenge.

Headbands come in black and white and color.
There are glasses for students to decorate and wear as well as the number 120 to decorated and put on a stick. I hang ribbons on it for the celebration.

Activities are provided to write about their shirts and about the celebration.
Thinking about the number 120 and what they would like or not like as well as a graphic organizer.
Writing pages are included but not shown here.
 There is also an explanation on making number puzzles for students using number grids on color paper to 120.  They will LOVE these.

An interactive mini book is included and a creative thinking page on what they imagine they will be like at 120 years old.

100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days!

This packet may not have exactly 100 activities BUT it most definitely will bring 100 SMILES to your students faces!!

I has colorful vocabulary for posting as well as a reward certificate to put a "SMARTIE" on.

There are so many activities to accompany it.
Countdown to 100 day to post for student viewing and building enthusiasm.
100 Day Glasses that can be run on colored heavy paper or white paper for students to color.
The 100 Day headband comes in both black and white as well as color.
The same is true of the 100 to place on a stick for holding.
There is a student craft for creating and ideas for an estimation station.

Here are some of the items that accompany the above.

There is parent communication as students are encouraged to bring 100 day shirts for a parade and items for a hundred day snack.
Students and parents are always so creative.
Stickers, thumb prints, eyeballs, candy and so many items are perfect.
They can be glued, sewn, pinned, or stuck to the shirt!

There is an interactive mini book and 2 poems with activities to follow.
All encourage reading, comprehension and writing.

One writing activity has students imagining what they will be like when they are 100.
This is always so much fun and encourages those creative thinkers.

There are 6 literature suggestions...4 of them shown here.
Each story comes with 2 activity follow ups.

There are several math games as well as an opportunity for students to spend 100 cents on both toys or school supplies.
This is also fun by bringing in a toy add or sporting good ad and have students spend $100.
Scholastic book orders work perfect.

ways to

Which do you celebrate...100/120 Days of School GIVEAWAY

Enter to win both of these packets.
Just answer the one simple question...
Which do you celebrate?

Correction for MLK packet.

Hi all!  If you have my MLK packet please replace page 5, the Color, poem with this.
This poem fits perfect with Shane Derolf's book The Crayon Box that Talked BUT it is NOT written by him.  My error.  Still searching for the author to give credit to.  XOXO Michele

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Dental Health...So Much Fun!!

February is Dental Health month!
Are you ready with activities for your class?

Look at these cuties for page toppers or crafts.
Change hair, toothbrush, clothes and face color to meet each child's needs.
They can also draw teeth in the mouth.

There is colorful vocabulary for posting or placing in the literacy/word work/writing center.
Activities are also included for word work:
ABC Order, Syllables, Plural/Singular, Making Words, Word Search, adding -ing
All activities include words related to the theme dental health.

Literature includes so many of my favorite titles followed by activities for recall.

And these activities are ideal for assessment and reading for detail.

Informational text is plentiful and graphic organizers follow for noting facts.
Students can prepare a research report following.

This poem is fun and students can recite it.

I also love this little song for singing.
It is in the form of a mini book also.

Writing suggestions are also included to support writing activities.

There is a game for students to play and a chart for recording..."I brushed my teeth."

For you and your class there is a packet for recording students who lost and tooth and individual reporting.  There are badges for the students and labels to put on the bag with the students lost tooth.

Monday, January 15, 2018

American Symbols

These famous symbols stand for America...the land that we LOVE!
 Liberty Bell   Statue of Liberty   Bald Eagle   Lincoln Memorial   Washington Monument   
American Flag    White House   Mount Rushmore

Crafts for bulletin boards or posting...Liberty Bell, Eagle.
Maybe white tail feathers for the eagle.

Colorful vocabulary for posting or putting in a center for ABC order, syllables.
Activities for centers, small groups, or whole group.
Syllables, Word Search, Making Words
I love putting students in small groups and challenge them to make as many words as they can together with the making words.

These three activities are used following the introduction of all the symbols.
Students pick their favorite symbol and report on it.

For a creative project have students create their own family symbol.
There is a page for the creation to be drawn or pasted not shown here.

Each of the 8 symbols has a fact sheet that can be made into a mini booklet.

There is also a mini lesson for each symbol.
Anchor chart with facts, activity sheet with facts and a creative activity.
Statue of Liberty...Create a modern statue
Liberty Bell... How many student make up the weight
Lincoln Memorial...Penny Rub
Washington Monument...70 seconds Time
White House...Favorite room 
Mount Rushmore...What president add
Flag...Pledge and Flag Facts
Bald Eagle...Choose new bird (Opinion)

There are class book covers and differentiated writing pages for the Family Symbol and Favorite American Symbol.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Let's Learn About the Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games begin on February 9th.
This packet was designed to engage your students in crafts, word work, writing, research and games while this exciting event is taking place.
I includes activities for both winter and summer events.

The winter crafts include ice skates and medals to make.

There is colorful vocabulary on both summer and winter game activities and key words.
They can be used for posting or in a center to sort according to ABC Order or Syllables.

Informational text is plentiful and included in three forms to meet all reading levels.

Following the informational text are graphic organizers for recalling key facts.
These are followed by differentiated writing pages for final writes and a class book cover.
(not shown)

There are activities for word work for centers, small groups or whole group.
ABC Order, Making Words, Word Search, Definitions, Syllables

These include activities for sorting, compare and contrasting and creating a book.
Those you see for winter are also included for summer.
For the book...paste the pictures and on the back write a sentence.
The ideal flip book.

There are math activities as well.
Two math dice for addition using one to or three dice and subtraction to 12 or 20.
Data collection is another activity your class will enjoy for summer and winter events.
There are two reading for detail pages as well.

This book is ideal for including literature in the lesson.
There are three activities that follow Tacky and the Winter Games.

This book is filled with beautiful pictures and information.
For younger children read a page or two at a time.