Monday, September 26, 2016

A message to all of you!

You are all so special!!

Fairy Tales with a Twist...Fractured Tales!

What a world of wonderful tales there are for children to read.
Some of my favorites are "fractured tales".
The students find them so entertaining and they bring a creative side to reading.
These are the list of stories you will find in this packet.
If you do not have them I am sure they will be available in your library and many of them are even read aloud on YouTube.

There are four crafts that accompany the packet.
The Wolf, Baby Bear, Goldilocks, and Little Red.
Each fits perfectly with a fractured tale.
More Bears
Interrupting Chicken
There is a form for a letter that students can write to the character.

Each story includes comprehension pages ranging from compare/contrast, story elements, sequencing, predicting, recall, author's purpose and more!

There is also activities for student to make a class book on their favorite character or their favorite story.

Even word work is included for building vocabulary skills through definition, recognition, and more.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tall Tales for the primary Child

I love introducing different genes to the class for reading.
One of my favorites is Tall Tales.
They are perfect for introducing exaggerations and descriptive words.
The trouble was that I found it very difficult to find literature that was at their level for reading.
So...I put my creative mind together and came up with this packet.

Each character has an outline page describing them, a mini book, and some form of recall or assessment.
These are followed with a craft.
I love decorating our room with tall tale characters.

Each character also has...vocabulary work (definitions), colorful vocabulary cards for posting, a writing page and then a math activity.

The packet ends with the kiddos writing their own tall tale or about one of the tall tale characters for a class book.
There are pages to experiment with exaggerations, a word work page and a quick formative assessment.
Not shown on the slides because I ran out of room are the graphic organizers for gathering information.

We always love to end the unit with a pancake breakfast.
We make pancakes in our "mess hall" using griddles.
I invite the students to dress as tall tale characters.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a valued American Hero.
He represents EQUALITY and in my mind RESPECT.
Despite the importance of both they are sensitive and sometime difficult to teach.
This packet takes this sensitive topic and begins to introduce it by using a special book by Shane DeRolf The Crayon Box That Talked.
The simple but touching story helps young children the importance of respecting one another and working together to create a "beautiful picture"!

The packet has informational text about Martin Luther King and also provides a quick reading for detail or assessment piece.

It allows students to think about dreams they have and provides an adorable page topper for the writing activity of MLK.

There are other activities provided such as a word search, word sort (peaceful/violent), making words and a writing activity.

The message is combined.

What color would you pick?
What would change if there was only one color?
Why is your color better than all the rest?

There is opinion writing, a definitions activity for acts of kindness and a color poem to create.
 I think this packet will be valuable to you.


I wish I had that much energy!
What is energy and where does it come from?
Why is energy so important?
Answer these questions and more with this delightful packet.

This is also available in a BUNDLE with Force and Motion, Magnets, Matter.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

My TpT Journey continues...

I have been checking my products for compatibility with the Copyright and Trademark Agreements. In making sure that I am compliant I have removed some of my favorites. I am sad but know that this is necessary. Thanks for your understanding. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. I love the relationship I have with YOU, TpT, and my creative side. This step just assures me that it will continue!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Hat and The Mitten

Your students will LOVE "warming up" with these two delightful stories by Jan Brett.
They are perfect for comparing and contrasting, sequencing, and reading with expression.

The packet contains similar activities for The Hat and The Mitten.
What you see here will be for The Hat.
Each story has vocabulary cards and a discussion page for partners.

They are followed by Who, What, How, Sequencing, Fact/Fantasy, Story Elements.
These are perfect for practicing the Literacy Standards for Common Core.

Each story has a Reader's Theater, perfect for kiddos to practice reading with expressions.
There are also picture character cards for identification.
These are followed by a recall sheet on animals in the stories.

There is differentiated writing activities and a data collection page.
Which would you rather wear...earmuffs or a hat?

Finally there are activities to connect to your mathematics curriculum.
All in all a great day.
Wear your favorite hat.
Bring your favorite mittens.
Enjoy learning through literature.