Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bear Stories for Fall and Into Winter...Hibernation/Migration

Would you rather hibernate or migrate?
I certainly would choose to migrate but what will your class say?
These bear stories are perfect for preparing your class for fall and into winter.
Bear Snores On
Time to Sleep
Bear Has a Story to Tell
A yummie snack!
There are leveled writing pages and graphic organizers for gathering ideas.

In Bear Snores On the students will work with story elements, characters, and a delightful mini book filled with activities about the story.

Time to Sleep has bear saying goodnight to..., a sequencing activity, and an organizer for gathering ideas.

Bears story is about the leaves falling and what is happening.
There is a sensory activity, character identification, scenery identifying seasons and a character chat.

Finally there is word work for developing vocabulary and phonics skills.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Communities and Their Helpers

You will love using this packet to allow your class to explore communities and the helpers in them.
There are writing, word work, and games to enhance the packet.
Vocabulary cards are also available for posting.
Literature suggestions are offered as well as activities to follow the reading.
My favorite having a Career Day!
A note is included to send to parents and a page for students to record their career.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Red Ribbon Week

The last two weeks of October Red Ribbon Week is celebrated.
It is a perfect opportunity to work with the primary student on "choosing to be healthy and happy"!
This packet has two themes. One a red ribbon and the other a "ghost" for say "boo" to drugs.

Vocabulary for posting and Word work. 

Healthy and harmful choices.

I "chews" to be happy!

And the Halloween theme.

Writing about why we are special.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Christopher Columbus

In October we often recognize Christopher Columbus.
Although he did not actually discover America he was an early explorer and one that the class will enjoy learning about.

The class can make a ship that sails AROUND the Earth.

There are vocabulary cards for posting and a "time line" about the life of Christopher Columbus.

Poetry is also included as well as a game for your class to play,

SCOOT...Perfect for formative assessment and review.

Students will have fun explaining to Christopher Columbus about items from today's world.

The mini book is filled with informational text.

Fun with Fire Safety!

October celebrates Fire Safety.
This packet if filled with ideas to share fire safety tips with your class.
These little firefighters are perfect for showcasing student work.

This poem about fire safety.
The activities following involve students taking information from the poem to recall fire safety.

The mini book is filled with informational text about firefighters.
Activities follow work with comprehension.

One of my favorite fire safety stories is No Dragons For Tea.
Your class will LOVE it and the activities to follow focus on story elements, Cause/Effect, and Opinion.

There is a labeling page as well as a cut and paste safe or dangerous activity.

There are also opportunities for writing with leveled final write pages.

Your class will also enjoy these math games.

This packet is FILLED with so many ideas to introduce fire safety to your class.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Teaching Comprehension with Scarecrow Stories

Building strong readers includes developing comprehension skills.
October's comprehension packet's stories relate to four terrific scarecrow stories.
Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant
The Scarecrow's Hat by Ken Brown
Lonely Scarecrow by Tim Preston
Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown
Lesson plans are provided as well as comprehension standards for posting as you teach.
This can be presented in small groups or done with an entire class.
Set up a scarecrow with a stack of hay in a corner to create a cozy reading corner.

Scarecrow vocabulary
Comprehension standards
Literature Suggestions

Standards for posting
Lesson Plans with literature 
Activities for comprehension practice

Fact or Opinion
Making Words
Let's Talk Scarecrow

Mini Book...All About Scarecrows
Word Search