Sunday, August 31, 2014

Focus Walls!

With our new teacher evaluations I am actively trying to improve my room for walk throughs.  I do NOT want a "cluttered" room where there is information everywhere.  I am distracted by rooms like that and I think many of the students we work with are too so... I am dedicating two bulletin boards for FOCUS WALLS.  They will have key information we are learning.That now means I have a board for reading focus, a board for math focus, a board for word work focus, and a board for writing.  The writing board is now under construction.
This is my math focus board.  I am addind my I can for the week to it and our big idea for the week.
At the present this is my math and reading vocabulary, big idea, essential question, and I can statements.
Math is going onto Math Counts.
Once I move my math focus to math counts I can put my CAFE on the Reading Focus Board.
This is then going to become my writing focus board.
Finally my word work area.  Activities will relate to the key skill presented for the week.
So this is the before.  Next week I will have the after BUT if you are interested I am turning all of these focus boards into kits for you to purchase and they include a "take home" wall for students.
I think you will enjoy them.
Bundles will be ready as I finish the Units.
Here is a sample Math one for Unit One of Math in Focus.
Even if you do not use Math in Focus it contains tools and games for the center.
This "big idea" is numbers to 10.
Here is a sample Journeys for Lesson One, Unit One.
I am excited.  They fit perfect with the Journeys full packet.
So stay tuned next week for the changes in my boards.
Here is a sample of the math focus for kiddos.
Here is a sample of the reading focus for kiddos.
Enjoy your day off tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Grandparent's Day is on the way!!

One week from tomorrow is Grandparent's Day.  It is a tradition in our school to invite our Grandparents for lunch.  We interview them, take pictures, sing, and eat lunch together.  It is special for the Grandparents as well as the kiddos.    To enhance the day I created this packet.  It is filled with activities to support a full day of learning and sharing with our Grandparents.

We also create this special craft for them and fill a bag with "hugs and kisses"!!

I just can't wati to complete the activities in preparation to meeting all the Grandparent's on September 8th.
And for you a little "freebie"!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

If You Take A Mouse to School! Freebie!

Absolutely love this day with the kiddos.

Writing, word work, imagination, crafts, treats all rolled into one day!
The materials I have  created also meet the diverse ability levels in my classroom:)
These are my freebie.  Vocabulary cards to accompany the story!

Mouse Craft is easy and makes a perfect bulletin board.

Even a cute snack!
Just buy the rolled cookie dough and M&M's.

Monday, August 25, 2014

First full week back and Classroom Management!

One of the toughest parts about beginning a new school year is setting up an effective Classroom Management system.  I have found Class Dojo and absolutely find it an amazing tool to reinforce expected behaviors.  I have a 10 point Award System.  Each person who earns 10 points gets to visit the classroom treasure chest.  When Mrs. Henson earns 10 points (excellent report form specials, great day, polite during assembly) the class earns a party...popcorn and movie, ice cream, technology day, pj day.  I absolutely love it.  To accompany this I have little notes I send home if needed.  I am attaching the link and the notes for a free download if you like.  Enjoy!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

LAST First Week of School!

I seem to just be enjoying every minute of being in the classroom.  Maybe because I know it is the final first week of school I will experience in this classroom.
We spent a day with First Day Jitters and then another with Froggy Goes To School.
After a day with all of these activities we sent a note to the parents with all of us smiling letting them know we may have had the "jitters" but after a day in first grade we think it is GREAT!  The parents loved the email and the photo.

After the first day we enjoyed a day with Froggy.  Their crafts turned out adorable!!  They are hanging in the classroom.  
Following the story we went on a school scavenger hunt with Froggy.  He left clues and we followed them.  They led back to our lockers and classroom where he left us a package of cookies.

We found a partner, snacked on our cookies, and played an odd and even game.
Overall the perfect ending to the first week.
I also worked hard to get our Focus Wall ready for Monday when we begin our Journeys What is a Pal?
What do you think?

And here is the packet that I created them with.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ready, Set, Go!!!

I think most of us are racing to get everything ready for school to begin.  TpT has decided to run a one day sale to help you finish purchasing all the materials you need to make your start a valuable one for your kiddos.  I try to keep my prices very reasonable for all of you BUT how can you resist 20% off from me and even more from TpT.  Hope you will stop by!  Michele