Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Morning Meeting...Daily Calendar

These slides can be shared on Google or with Power Point.
They are perfect for displaying on a white board and then having students participate.
Whether a morning meeting or daily calendar these slides are ideal.

This on is great for the beginning of the year.
The slide is for displaying and there is a black and white page for students to complete.
This particular slide comes in Monday to Friday.

This is fun for the numbers of days of school.
You might use this as morning work to be found on the student desk when they enter.

You can also keep a calendar.

Slides are available for weather and temperature.

This slide is for the more advanced age levels and is a review of the calendar activities.

Start your morning message with this adorable song while students shake hands.
Then have your morning message displayed.

Friday, July 13, 2018

If You Take a Mouse to School

If you take a mouse to school...
Not really but it sure is fun to imagine.
This packet is ideal for this favorite story and could be useful during the first week or so of school.
I love the craft and the vocabulary can be posted near the story.

There is opportunity for students to focus on comprehension with pictures or words.

Students can also compare their school experience to that of the mouse.


Final copy and pre writes.

Even word work.  Ideal for literacy centers.

Each story comes with a craft and activities for reading, writing, word work and more.
Your class will enjoy each and every story!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018

Classroom Decor...Superhero Theme!

What fun your class will have with this Superhero Theme!
There are 8 different color flags and pictures for creating a banner.

Name tags are specific to desk, locker and there are smaller ones for name tags.

Signs for your literacy centers and a teacher binder to match the theme.
Also able signs for hanging or taping on tables as sell as numbers for student labeling.

Class pictures can create a board or fill in your birthday board.
There are also materials for behavior management.

This packet also includes an alphabet and numbers for posting.

You can create a classroom calendar and arrange these around your clock if you have an analog one.

There are materials for how your students get home and also class responsibilities.
And these adorable crafts would be so cute to make.