Sunday, January 20, 2019

Let's Write February!

I love these monthly writing lessons.
The come with lesson plans as well as all the activities to build writing skills in your classroom.
Each month focuses on 4 pieces of literature to stimulate writing narrative, opinion, and informational pieces.
The activities provide graphic organizers for gathering ideas.
These are followed by pages at differentiated levels for "first writes".
Activities for editing are included as I feel strongly that students need to practice correcting and recognizing their mistakes in their writing.
The packet also includes grammar practice.
This particular lesson works with antonyms.
I try to point them out in specific pieces of student writing.

Lesson Plans

Graphic Organizers (2 to 3 to choose from for each lesson)

"First Write" pages with editing.
There are two choices for levels of writers.

After editing final write pages at different levels are available for student to produce "showcase" writing.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

You will "heart" these Valentine Math Games!

Four games for your class.
Each game has one game board and then several differentiated activities to use the game board.
All you need are dice.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Thursday, January 10, 2019

$$$$120 Ways to Celebrate YOU!

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100th Day or 120th Day!

Celebrating 100 or 120 Days of school?  These packets are really cool!
There are crafts, projects and activities too.
Games and literature will keep your class involved.
Your students will love this one and all!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

RED, WHITE AND BLUE Packets Just for You! Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Presidents' Day, American Symbols

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th, 1809.  
I love taking time to introduce him to the class during this time.
And YES I do believe you can take time away from your "language program" to introduce special events and characters.
This packet makes it easy because it includes reading, writing, word work, informational text and vocabulary...all key parts to the language standards.

I like to begin the day by gathering the students together to read this very special story.
If it is a little lengthy for your class ad lib a little.
Following the reading we do a class discussion and write key facts that we learned on a chart.
We will refer back to this at the end of the day.

During reading groups I use one of the three forms of informational text.
As we read we use our highlighters to highlight key facts.
In group or back at their seats they use this text to write key facts on the idea gathering page.
I post the vocabulary in a visual place for students.
You can also laminate them and use them for syllables or ABC sorting.
I put the Parts of Speech word work page in our word work center along with the vocabulary cards for sorting parts of speech.

As a whole group we go over the Word of the Day...Abraham Lincoln.
It encourages students to use facts they know to create a definition.
They look closely at the word HONEST.
You will also see a time line of Abe Lincoln which is ideal for formative assessment.

I have also included a poem in the packet.
Following the poem is a reading for detail page and a cute "what might Abe carry under is tall black hat".

During writing there are two options.  Students can write about if they had lived during the time with Abe or informative about Abe.
There are three leveled writing pages not show here for showcasing student writing.
My favorite for during math is the is the "flip a penny" activity.
Students get a partner and have fun flipping a penny and making tallies.
Have them predict before if they will flip more heads or tails.
This can also be in one of your math centers.
Also during math figure how old Abe Lincoln would be!

I use the Let's Make Words as a class game.
I divide students into groups and then have them make words with the letters Abe Lincoln.  Encourage them to keep there creative efforts quiet so other groups do not hear their ideas.
Groups then share how many words they made.
You can have a group secretary.
I put the word search on the desks as the students enter.

George Washington was born on February 22nd, 1732.  
I love taking time to introduce him to the class during this time.
And YES I do believe you can take time away from your "language program" to introduce special events and characters.
This packet makes it easy because it includes reading, writing, word work, informational text and vocabulary...all key parts to the language standards. 
 These are two of the books I love to use when teaching about George Washington.

The packet has three forms of informational text...a fold and read, mini book, and single page.

There are two graphic organizers for recording information from the text.
Have students highlight key concepts in the text as they read.
I think the timeline is ideal for formative assessment.
There are writing pages for students to showcase their writing.

There are three delightful word work pages.
One focuses on George Washington and the word BRAVE.
Next is the Let's Make Words.  I love dividing the class into groups to complete this.
The ABC order is ideal for the word work center.

This poem also contains information about George and the activity that follows is perfect for students to recall facts presented in the poem.

These activities will be great fun.
There is a Quarter flip and a Room for one more!

This packet is filled with activities to celebrate Presidents' Day with your class.
There are informative as well as activities that fit in with your curriculum.

Informational text comes in the form of a page filled with facts or a mini book.
They are ideal for reading groups or guided reading.
Have highlighters ready to highlight key facts in the text.

These easy fold and read booklets are simple and fun for students to read, highlight and color.

These graphic organizers are ideal for having students record key facts and gather their ideas for writing.  The third activity asks students to write about what they would do if they were president.

There is plenty of word work for your literacy centers.
Contractions, ABC Order, and a Word Search.
Not shown is a Let's Make Words using the letters in President.

I have also included favorite literacy and activities to go with the read aloud.
My Teacher For President students compare their teacher's responsibilities to the president's responsibilities.

Another favorite is Duck for President which lends making connections to elections.

Finally Presidents' Day!
This focuses on Mt. Rushmore and the four presidents on the monument.

I also included research activities.
I like to use it as a home/school connection project BUT everything could be completed during the school day.

There are activities for students to record their information as well as activities that focus on what types of resources were used to gather information.
Not shown are all the final write pages for students to finalize their reports.

And to compliment your red, white and blue unit try this.

These famous symbols stand for America...the land that we LOVE!
 Liberty Bell   Statue of Liberty   Bald Eagle   Lincoln Memorial   Washington Monument   
American Flag    White House   Mount Rushmore

Crafts for bulletin boards or posting...Liberty Bell, Eagle.
Maybe white tail feathers for the eagle.

Colorful vocabulary for posting or putting in a center for ABC order, syllables.
Activities for centers, small groups, or whole group.
Syllables, Word Search, Making Words
I love putting students in small groups and challenge them to make as many words as they can together with the making words.

These three activities are used following the introduction of all the symbols.
Students pick their favorite symbol and report on it.

For a creative project have students create their own family symbol.
There is a page for the creation to be drawn or pasted not shown here.

Each of the 8 symbols has a fact sheet that can be made into a mini booklet.

There is also a mini lesson for each symbol.
Anchor chart with facts, activity sheet with facts and a creative activity.
Statue of Liberty...Create a modern statue
Liberty Bell... How many student make up the weight
Lincoln Memorial...Penny Rub
Washington Monument...70 seconds Time
White House...Favorite room 
Mount Rushmore...What president add
Flag...Pledge and Flag Facts
Bald Eagle...Choose new bird (Opinion)

There are class book covers and differentiated writing pages for the Family Symbol and Favorite American Symbol.