Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Favorite Bear Stories to Celebrate Fall and Winter!

I love using bear stories to talk about changes in the fall and winter season.
They are also perfect for talking about how animals prepare for winter and survive the winter.

Here are two of my favorites with simple crafts to accompany them.
Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming
Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

The third story...Bear Has a Story to Tell is delightful!
Here are some little "bear cupcakes" to make with your class!
Have a mom volunteer to make the cupcakes and then allow the students to decorate.

Each story has differentiated activities to support writing and comprehension.

There is also an interactive mini book followed by an idea gathering sheet.

Word work accompanies the packet for your literacy centers.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Writing "How To" Fall Stories

Practicing writing "how to" stories has never been so much fun.
This packet is filled with FALL themed topics:
Raking Leaves
Picking Pumpkins
Carving Pumpkins
Picking Apples
Here is a sample using "leaves".

 The pre writes are differentiated of levels and choice making.

Final write pages are also leveled to meet all student needs.

Fall is apples and Johnny Appleseed!

And to me fall is Johnny Appleseed and apples!
This adorable packet is filled with activities to support this topic.

 Look at this adorable Johnny Appleseed craft!
Using only the head it can be a "page topper" to highlight writing.

Learn all about John Chapman and create a poster about him.

There are mini booklets for informational text.
One on Johnny Appleseed, one on apples, and one on the poem Way Up High.
Each is followed by numerous activities to promote comprehension.

I love this story about the little red house.
Your children will love listening to it and then sharing what they discovered.

This poem is so cute.
What was in the apple tree?
What color was it?
What happened?
Great for developing simple recall.

For the writing center there are vocabulary cards for posting as well as a master list.

The writing section is filled with differentiated writing activities.
Final writes are designed for all level of writers.

There are also activities for your word work centers or small/whole group activities.
A few are shown above.

Science activities include activities experimenting with apples.
Will they sink or float???

Math activities are also included.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Constitution Day...September 17th...Informational text and Activities

2017 is the 226th anniversary of the Constitution.

In 2004 it was decided that each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year is required to hold an educational program about the U.S. Constitution for its students.

Don't fret...

This packet is perfect! 
Let's begin with vocabulary cards for posting and word work activities for placing in the word work center.

The informational text comes in three forms:
 a one page anchor chart style, a print/fold/read booklet, and a 6 page mini book.
These are ideal for partner reading, small groups or guided reading with a whole group.
Highlight key words and key concepts.

Those are followed by a true/false assessment, a definition page, and a partner game.
My favorite is the "SCHOOL" Constitution the class will create.

Also included in the packet is a section on the Bill of Rights.
The focus is on Religion, Speech, and Written.
Students have an opportunity to read and write about the freedoms they enjoy.
Not shown are writing pages and a class book cover.

There is an anchor chart for what traits a "good citizen" shows.
And there is a partner game for demonstrating "good citizen" traits.

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

A long and winding road...

As you know at the beginning of August my husband of 40 years had a stroke. He was life flighted to the University Hospital in Ann Arbor.
We are now on Day 31 at the hospital here in Ann Arbor!
John has come so far and part of it is due to the AMAZING staff here. Everyone from the nurses, therapists, doctors, and specialist are TOP NOTCH. John completes 5 hours of therapy a day which I attend so together we will see how to support each other. Physically he is a "rock star" but because the thalamus is the control center of the brain knowing what to do and remembering anything is not a simple task. It is exhausting for him. Things that once were simple are now a difficult task. (walking, talking, getting dressed...)
He has not lost his sense of humor or his love for his family who support him 100%.
Our goal is to bring John home on September 7th but depending on the team's decision and the progress John makes that may be delayed one week.
We have put all handicap accessible items in at the house so he will be safe and comfortable when he arrives.
We are well aware we have a long journey ahead of us but TOGETHER we are up to the challenge.
In a sea of Maize and Blue we are ready to SPARTY ON with a little "tail gate" party in John's room. He does not remember Spartan football which I told him was not a bad thing given last year's Sparty performance.
I have a few moments here and there to work with TpT, Facebook posts and the Blog. Be patient as once I get back home I will be able to spend more time on the computer.
If you are a praying sort please continue to pray as the next part of our journey begins.
Life threw us a curve ball but we are hitting a home run!
(Pictured with John and I is our youngest son Michael.)

Thursday, August 31, 2017

October is Fire Safety Month!

October is Fire Safety Month.
It is the perfect time to discuss fire safety with your class as well as discuss the firefighter as ann important community helper.
Look at this cutie and the vocabulary for posting.

This packet has two poems that give students tips on fire safety as well as being prepared for a fire.

These are followed by an informational text mini book on firefighters and comprehension activities.

There are so many wonderful pieces of literature available on fires, fire safety, and firefighters.
Students will enjoy reading or listening to these informative stories.
Each story has a follow up activity to accompany it.

There are also activities for gathering information and setting up for successful writing.

Word work is included with making words, spinning for a word, word search, and ABC Order.
These are ideal for literacy centers.

Finally there are three math games that enhance skill building.
Again these are ideal for the math center or partner work.

There is a label me page which students can color when finished.
Check out these two wonderful links.