Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Phonics Practice...Blends, Digraphs, Vowel Teams and more!!

Check out these fun filled colorful activities for providing phonics practice for your class!
These activities are fun and perfect for placing in your literacy center.
Each group has vocabulary cards for posting.
Colorful and they include pictures.
In a center they are perfect for ABC order to the 3rd letter.

The activities include a spin and create, make words, sort, and writing sentences.  

Shown here are Sh and Ch but the packet includes 130 pages of a variety of activities to enhance phonics skills.

Short Vowel Word Family Fun...AEIOU

Teaching short vowels can always be a challenge.
This package provides 170 pages worth of practice and reinforcement!
Cut and Paste, Spin, Roll, Tally, Graph, Print
The samples shown here are some of the activities from the Short Aa section.

I love the colorful vocabulary cards for printing and posting.
Put them in a center for sorting, reading or putting in ABC order.
Here are two examples of the cut and paste.

Students here will practice printing and then graphing.

Word searches are always fun and really support visual skills.

Here we see another roll, read, color and a spin and color.
There are also activities that focus on -at and -an.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Math...Allowing for Differentiation

One Game Board + Dice + Students = A Differentiated Mathematics Activity
As educators providing experiences meaningful to each individual student is important.
In order to make this happen it is important that we provide differentiated activities.
Differentiating does not always mean preparing a different activity for each students.
The examples here use the same game board and the same math strategy but differentiating using the number of dice the student uses to play the game.

Greater Than
Using one die they look at numbers to 6.
I love playing with students and asking questions.
I roll 5 and you roll 3.
Five is greater than 3.
How much greater?
Develop those levels of thinking.
By adding 2,3 or 4 die we encourage addition plus finding the greatest number.
I like to include the record keeping pages for accountability.

Same as greater than only this time we are looking at less than.
You might also introduce the signs. < >
Again differentiate by using more die.

You are teaching addition BUT some are ready for higher level addition.
Increase difficulty just by the number of die used.
I love if you are using 4 die.
Add 2 and Add 2 and what is the total.
A bit of higher level thinking involved.

Same is true with subtraction.
By increasing die used and adding the higher number you increase difficulty.

This is the subtraction to 10.
One die and find the difference.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fun with short vowels...aeiou!

Teaching short vowels can be a real challenge.
This packet is designed to provide practice and review with the CVC words.
Your class will enjoy completing the activities and playing the game.
The activities shown here are for short Aa but each vowel is included.

Each short vowel has 8 activities to complete.
Build a Word
Word Search
Word Family
The self check is the students writing their choices.

Spin and Color
Real or Nonsense
ABC Order

Word Tally 
Word Hunt

The game is for 2 to 4 players and includes reading CVC words as well as extra credit for spelling.
Lots of fun and can be played over and over!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

"Sizzling" Summertime Products!

We are headed into SUMMERTIME!
And that means sunshine and summertime fun!
Check out the products below for some fun filled ideas!!

I have three important items on my list.
Play more tennis outside.
Relax on the float boat on the lake.
Spend more time with family.

How about you?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Rainforest Adventure for the Primary Child

One of my favorite habitats to explore with students is the rainforest.
There are so many opportunities for extending the study of nature.
Children are excited and engaged.
There are three main topics in this packet.
The first is learning about the rainforest.
Where are they located?
What are the characteristics?
What do they provide?
Who lives there?
There is a mini book filled with informational text, a graphic organizer and a game for recall.
The word search builds vocabulary.
Next the packet looks at life in the rainforest.
Who lives there?
Where in the rainforest do they live?
This section takes a good look at words that describe life in the rainforest: nocturnal, herbivore, amphibian and more.
It also provides opportunity for students to report on one of their favorite animals.

Finally there is a section on the layers of the rainforest.
What are they called?
Which wildlife might you find in each layer?
There is a label page, graphic organizer for recording facts and a let's make words from understory.
I also love...If you lived in the rainforest what would you be, where would you live, what would you need?

The suggested literature is informative and in a realistic fiction style.

The Umbrella by Jan Brett
Followed by:
Story Elements, Summarizing, Sequencing, and Cause and Effect.

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynn Cherry
Recall, Author's Purpose, Definition

Over in the Jungle
This sing song rhyme book is delightful and patterned after Over in the Meadow.

There is a section on  Rainforest Riddles.
Students read and identify some and then write their own.
Then there is the second game for partners to play.
Encourage them to use the text to answer the questions.

As extras there are two songs for the class to sing and a Syllable Practice.
It also includes a cover for a class book with differentiated writing pages.

And look at these cuties!!  So much fun to decorate your classroom.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Using Tall Tale Characters to Write

No exaggeration!
Your class will LOVE writing about these Tall Tale Characters.
You will love posting the finished projects.

The packet includes crafts for...
Pecos Bill, John Henry, and Paul Bunyan

Each character has a fact sheet about them.
I also like to use YouTube for cute clips about each and the Steven Kellogg books.

Students can gather ideas on these "Character Chat" pages.

I have also included... was, had, could...for writing the perfect paragraph.

Finally for your literacy center a cute little Tall book for creating a booklet for each character.

The packet ends with differentiated writing pages.