Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tall Tales for the Primary Child...Crafts and Activities

NO EXAGGERATION!  Your class is going to LOVE this.
Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Pecos Bill, Annie Oakley
One more genre to share with the primary child.

The crafts are so cute.  Kiddos can create one of each or just pick on to decorate your bulletin board of TALL TALE characters.

Each character includes...
Poster telling about the character
Vocabulary for posting

Mini books of 8 to 10 pages filled with informational text and underlined key vocabulary.
Activities practicing the vocabulary.

Word work with ABC order, parts of speech, word searches.
Writing a paragraph and sensory writing.
Each character includes a math game.

The packet ends with allowing students to practice creating characters and using exaggerations.
As big as...
As loud as...
I could eat...
And then being able to identify a statement or an exaggeration.

And YES there are differentiated writing pages for your class stories and a cover to create a class book providing lots of reading material for your class.

Because it is difficult to find reading material leveled for this age level on tall tales the mini books are included.


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