Friday, April 21, 2017

June Calendar Journal

This is ideal for the beginning an

 This is perfect to begin each day or each afternoon.
Students will fill in the date, record the temperature and the weather.

Following those daily steps there is a journal page to complete.
It includes writing the date, identifying the day of the week, completing information for the temperature and greater than or less than.
The journal page then continues with the number of days of school and a daily math review.

For the June calendar there is an anchor chart with vocabulary words and then vocabulary cards for posting.  There are also numbers to 31 you can use for a calendar or number of days of school.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

School's Out for the Summer!!

As the radio plays "School's Out For Summer" your class can be busy creating wonderful memories about their classmates and school year.
This packet is perfect for the final day of school!

This book is delightful and helps to get the creative juices flowing.
I love these posters.
They can be done ahead of time and put on lockers or make a bulletin board.

This little memory book includes autographs and favorite memories from the school year.
Pick a few pages or all!

This poem about a summer bucket list is perfect for getting students to list what they want to do over the summer.  They can even prepare one for the teacher.  I always like to do one of my own and compare what they thought I'd like to do and what I hope to do.

After giving students a class list I have them fill in: Marvelous Mathematicians, Super Spellers, Wonderful Writers and more.
I follow that with data collection and then having them write about the data they collected.

Student read the Last Day Blues and then make their own list of what they will miss.  There are two organizers for gathering ideas.  They each then write and a class book is created.

There is a word search, a working with words, a summer dream page, and what my teacher will miss about this class.
So as you can see the ideas are endless yet keep students engaged in academics right to the end while having fun!
For rewards...there are wrist bands or you can print and attach them to a bag of goodies.
There are 20 "edible" awards.  The kiddos always LOVE these.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Earth Day Freebie!

This game provides an opportunity for your class to play with partners and review ways they can help protect the planet Earth!

Let's Write...May...ELA CCSS

I love these writing packets!  
They focus on topics relevant to the month.
They provide differentiated activities for multi level students in a room on the same topic.
They work with kiddos on grammar that is key to successful writing.
They allow students to gather ideas after listening to a story, create a 1st draft, edit their work, and finally prepare a final write.
All too often in the classroom we just have students write and then spend very little time with them correcting and editing where the REAL learning takes place.

There are four lessons related to the stories:
Waiting for Wings (Narrative/Informative)
Planting a Rainbow (How To)
Fancy Nancy's Marvelous Mother's Day Brunch (Opinion)
From Tadpole to Frog (Narrative/Informative)

Here are some samples of the grammar pages.
May includes Nouns/Pronouns.
Students are encouraged to use them in their writing.

The graphic organizers and pre writes include choices and differentiated styles to meet individual needs.  There is also opportunities for editing.

After edits are complete are you students able to complete a final write?
This is so important.  I love keeping each months writing together and then I send home the workbook and the final journal so parents can see the steps we took to improve.

I have also included class book covers because students LOVE reading each others writing and what better way to encourage reading.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Oh my!!! It's another great giveaway!!
Please enter, share and pin!

Hello From Near and Far...Research other Countries Around the World.

It is so exciting to have finally  complete this packet.
It focuses on 7 different countries from 7 different continents from around the world.
I originally started it to compliment my packet on Winter Holiday Lights Around the World as it also focuses on these countries:
Israel, Africa, China, Norway, India, Mexico, and Australia.

Each country has informational text in the form of anchor charts and mini books.
The mini books focus more on the children of the area and their lifestyle.

There are graphic organizers for collecting information about the area as well as two activities for each country that focus on word work and writing.

The packet ends with activities to help the students research about various countries.
You can introduce the countries one by one or divide the class into groups, have them research, and then present so everyone can gain from the information shared!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Blast Off...Reach for the Stars!

Your class will love the activities included in this packet as well as learn about space!

It begins by focusing on astronauts and students pretending to take a trip to space.
Following this they write about whether they would like to travel to space.
There is also a cute little craft for posting.

Notice I put a picture of each student on the head.

Word work includes ABC Order, Word Searches, and making words.
There are colorful vocabulary cards for posting as well.

The packet includes poems and activities to build vocabulary.
There is an astronaut and space shuttle for kiddos to decorate.

There is informational text on the shuttle, an astronaut, the sun, and the moon.
Each is followed by organizers for collecting information.

Here you see information on the sun.  Students look at the day and night sky.
And of course if you look at the sun for day, you might follow it with facts about the moon for night.

Books are suggested for accompanying the activities.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Teaching Comprehension with Favorite May Literature

Teaching comprehension strategies will be more effective using this popular pieces of literature.
Waiting for Wings
Planting a Rainbow
Fancy Nancy's Mother Day Brunch
From Tadpole to Frog

Each story has comprehension strategies for posting, lesson ideas, and three activities to practice the three comprehension strategies for the story.
Waiting for Wings
KWL, Author's Purpose, Sequencing

Planting a Rainbow
Main Idea, Sequencing, Cause and Effect

Mother's Day Brunch
Inference, Summarize, Predict

Tadpole to Frog
Compare and Contrast, True/False, Definition (metamorphosis)

The final part focuses on making connections.  Any piece of literature can be used.
I love that each month the templates are similar.
As students become familiar with formate they are able to work independently.