Thursday, December 14, 2017

Penguin Day!

Your class will LOVE celebrating Penguin Day.
Have the class wear black and white and get ready to have fun learning!
Stop by the library and pick up these books that fit perfect with the theme.

Begin your day with a penguin craft.
My favorite is the headband.
Dressed in black and white and with the headband it sets the mood.
For a learning station print and laminate one or all of these cards.
There are nine different penguins in this packet that are the focus of learning.
I love hanging them on the wall in the hall with a piece of crepe paper hanging down to the floor.
Place the penguin at the height it is and order them tallest to shortest.

One of the mini books included in the packet shares facts about each of the nine penguins.
Student activity sheets include organizing the penguins by height and weight.
Your word work center might include the syllable activity for their name.

The second mini book is filled with informational text all about penguins.
There is a fact sheet that follows.
Have students use the text to complete the sheet.

These graphic organizers are ideal for recording information and facts.
I love "penguin chat".

Writing includes informational and opinion.
Students will also write about inviting a penguin to dinner which allows their imagination work.
There are mini tags "Penguin Treat"...add goldfish in a bag, attach the tag and you have the perfect treat for your class.

 Pages for showcasing student writing are included.
And don't forget the cute craft to put on the top of their writing page.
 Word work includes making words, identifying parts of speech, ABC order, and definitions.
Finally here are a few more fun filled pages.
The math game Dive In includes one game board and 4 different games to play.
Ideal for the math center.


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