Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fun with Flakey Friends!

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy our "FLAKEY FRIENDS".
As seen in this quote YES "reading is so much more than a level".
This packet is designed with that idea in mind.
Students can enjoy listening or reading literature and then following it up with strategies to enhance their reading level.
These books are well loved stories suggested for reading.
You read, they read, read again!!

The packet begins with the kiddos using a glyph to create a Flakey Friend.
If you would rather they can create a Flakey Friend without the glyph.
No matter what you decide I strongly suggest they create a snowman before beginning this packet.

There is vocabulary for posting ...12 bright cards with pictures included.  Perfect for posting in the writing center or on you word wall.
I like placing them near the snowman "library"!
There is also a snowman craft for bulletin board or to use as a page topper.

Word work is plentiful.  Ideal for a literacy center or who group experience.
I love using the making words page and having them work as a team or with partners to see who can make the most words.

Writing is also included.
These graphic organizers get the students to gather their thoughts before the prepare their writing.

And how much fun would it be to TALK to your snowman.
This delightful poem will get the creative thoughts flowing.

 These activities focus on sequencing and a "how to" story.

Finally there are three games for your math center.
Perfect for partners with a snowman theme.

The final write pages are differentiated and there is a class cover so you can create a class book for students to showcase their writing.


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