Saturday, December 2, 2017

Snowflakes...How a snowflake is born!

No matter where you live in the United States learning about the birth of a snowflake is an important part of your science curriculum.  
There are so many delightful stories that are informative and exciting.

There are vocabulary cards for posting either in your writing center or on your word wall.
Word Work activities are also included...definitions, syllables, parts of speech, making words.
Fun for your literacy center or as a whole group.
The informational text available in two forms.  They are ideal for guided reading.
I also like these because students can highlight key vocabulary and concepts.

Graphic organizers are included for pulling out key facts.

Formative Assessment includes...Cause/Effect, Sequencing, and True/False.

Writing activities include...opinion, informational, and sensory.

Students will then explore other things that melt and why.
A Class Cover is included for showcasing student writing and not shown here are three differentiated final write pages.

Just for fun...


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