Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Oh My!!! Polar Bear Day!

Your class will love celebrating Polar Bear Day!
International Polar Bear Day is February 27th.
Bundle up and learn using informational text while having lots of fun.
Before the day stop by the library and pick up these special stories.

Check out the cute crafts to create during the day.
I love the headband and the students can wear it during the day.
Glorious polar bears.
How many students together to equal the weight of a polar bear?
How many students head to toe to be as tall as a polar bear on two feet?

Informational text.

Use this information to gather facts.
4 unique graphic organizers.

Writing includes informational, opinions, and narrative.

Final write pages are included as well as a cover to create a class book.

Word work includes ABC order, making words, parts of speech, syllables.

Extra activities:  Dinner guest, snack ideas, compare/contrast, definitions.

Love the math games.
One game board and 4 games. Plus one for subtraction and another for greatest and least.


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