Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tacky the Penguin... Craft and Activities!!

My class absolutely loves the stories about that adorable penguin Tacky.
This packet is ideal for providing engaging activities and crafts to accompany the stories after you have shared them with the class.
They are ideal for centers, small groups, partners, and whole class.
Each activity focuses on standards students are expected to master.

Check out the crafts.
One is Tacky.  I used scrapbook paper to find flowers.
The second is one of the "perfect" penguins.  You can have different color ties.
The third is a page topper for student writing.
Ideal for posting and showcasing student thoughts.

These are samples of activities that follow reading the stories.

I have also included word work:
ABC Order, Parts of Speech, Rhyme and making words.
For making words it can be fun to group students and see which group comes up with the most words.

The graphic organizers are perfect for gathering ideas before writing.

Writing includes:
Sensory, Descriptie, Informative

Final write pages are included as well as a class cover for sharing student writing.

There are also 3 game boards with a variety of differentiated addition, subtraction, greater than/less than ideas for playing.


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