Friday, December 8, 2017

Let's Write January

These Let's Write monthly packets will make a HUGE difference in making teaching students in your classroom to write easier and so much more meaningful for your class.
It has ...
Lesson Plans
Graphic Organizers (3 choices for each of the 4 topics)
Suggested literature selection for each topic.
Grammer (January focuses on verbs)
A workbook for pre writes
A class cover and a Journal for final writes

The first focuses on Martin Luther King.
Students will write an informational piece.

They will work with verbs.
The practice activities focus on vocabulary and information from Martin Luther King.

Students will do a first draft and then work on editing it.

When their editing has been corrected they will completer their final write which will be placed in their January Journal.

The second focuses on Making a Snowman.
They will write a "how to" story.

The verbs focus again on action.

Blizzards are the next literature choice.
Students will write sensory stories.

For verbs they will focus on present and past.

The final literature choice is the New Year.

Again verbs focus on past and present as well as parts of speech.


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