Sunday, December 3, 2017

Snowmen Friends...Activities and Craft

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Because there is nothing more fun than reading about our SNOWY DAY FRIENDS!
This packet is filled with snow stories and then activities and a craft to follow them up.
The activities focus on the CCSS reading, writing and word work standards.

Your class will enjoy decorating the snowman with either earmuffs or a hat and placing them on the writing pages for Snowmen at Work, Night, and All Year.
There are18 vocabulary cards for posting.
They can be used on the word wall, a writing center, or placed in a literacy center for ABC Order.
Snowmen at Night focuses on story elements, recall, and opinion.

Snowmen all Year focuses opinion, sequence and recall.

Snowmen at Work focuses on main idea and gathering detail, opinion and then writing a paragraph.

The Cold Lady helps us with Cause and Effect, Sequencing and Vocabulary.

How would you decorate a snowman?  This story is perfect for allowing the imagination to take place.
The activities allow students to create items to decorate their snowman.

Following these activities and using the graphic organizers students will write.
I love creating class books.
The final write pages include three differentiated levels to meet all student needs.

And SNOWBALLS!!  Love this and so will your class!!

A Snowman for Sadie talks about building her friend only to have it melt.
There is a story element page as well.

Informational text is also included with graphic organizers for collecting facts.
These are followed by writing pages for final thoughts.

Word work includes: vocabulary, making words, abc order, parts of speech, word search, syllables and compound words.

Math games include subtraction and odd and even.
They are ideal for partners with a snowman theme.


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