Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ocean Study

What is all the commotion in ocean? 
This packet focuses on ...
Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, Octopuses, Sea Turtles
It is ideal for supporting the primary child in reading informational text, collecting information, and then writing about it.

The packet has vocabulary for posting.  It is colorful and has pictures.
There is also an anchor chart for the writing center.

I love the craft for decorating the room with a "dive in" theme!
Simple to make and so cute to post.

Begin with the song...A Sailor Went to Sea
Use this as for pre assessing students prior knowledge.
There is also an opinion writing page...would you like to "dive in" the sea?

To support the theme in your literacy centers is the idea of sea/see along with ee and ea.

Final a complete study of the five sea creatures listed.
Here is the sample of the shark.
Each sea creature has suggested literacy, mini books filled with informational text, and a graphic organizer for collecting text.

This is followed by comprehension activities, reading for details and using text to read and write.

Students will have several opportunities to write.
If I were...
Writing a paragraph...

Literature and activities are suggested for each sea creature.
For the shark it is Smiley Shark.
The literature suggestion is followed by literacy activities.

And finally as a post assessment...what is the Commotion in the Ocean?
You and your class will love "diving in" to this wonderful packet.


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