Monday, July 3, 2017

Keeping Organization Fun!

I am an organizational FREAK!
I love planning my month, week, and day!
In fact I think I have as much fun planning as I do accomplishing the tasks.
Through the years I have realized that if my "to do" lists are CUTSIE I somehow love staying organized.  I know it is a tad OCD but I just can't help it.
This year I have discovered that using "journal" in connection with my calendar has really been helpful.
I like the blank notebook style pages that I can keep right by my side and add to as needed.
As I am creating a packet I love listing what I need to include.  If I need to keep to keep tallies or design something the blank pages are so helpful.
When the project is complete I just tear out the pages and begin anew.
Check out my "beribboned" paper clips!
I love them.
They make marking pages and clipping my projects together so colorful.
They were so easy to make.
I purchased a package of large paper clips and some ribbon.
Tie the ribbon on the clip and ...
You have a BRIGHT way to keep your papers and ideas together.
Staying organized has never been so much fun!


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