Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Labor Day! #morethanathreedayweekend

Yes, Labor Day is more than a three day weekend.
Does your class know the reason we celebrate and why?
This information packed fun filled packet will help you help them discover the reason.
This packet is written for students age K to 3 so activities are differentiated.
There is a Labor Dispute (all about school and them as the student) activity.
An opportunity for them to choose a career of their choice and a mini book on careers.
Students will also read facts about information they learned.

Vocabulary is key with words for posting, a making words, ABC order, Parts of Speech and a Word Search.

Reading includes three levels, all filled with informational text.

Students are provided writing activities to write about what they learned.

I also included an addition a subtraction math game (differentiated) so if you wanted to do a themed day there would be activities for each subject area.


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