Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Exploring Space...Patterns and Cycles

Let's explore...SPACE!
This packet was written to meet the 1st Grade Next Generation Science Standards BUT it is perfect for and exploration of patterns and cycles in space for everyone.
This is a list of the MOST important ideas presented in this packet.

Here is a list of specific books I found helpful when teaching this Unit with my class.
I especially LOVE "ME and my place in Space".
There is a cover so students can keep all of their activities together.
I like to group them as a booklet and staple it.
There is also a page that discusses the important facts students will cover while exploring space.

 12 Vocabulary cards are available for posting around the room with pictures.
There is also a 10 page mini book filled with important information for each student.
Just print on collate, cut through the middle, staple.

Students will explore the day/night sky.

Students will explore the positions of the sun and what effect it has on our earth.

Students will create an interactive sun, moon, earth to watch their rotations.

Students will explore the phases of the moon.
There is a parent note to explain what the class is studying and a homework assignment.
There are two opportunities for gathering ideas and then writing.
Each writing project has a graphic organizer, class book cover, and differentiated writing page.

If you like Exploring Space/Patterns and Cycles this may be of interest to you.


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