Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Let's Explore LIFE!

Let's explore...LIFE!

This packet was written to meet the 1st Grade Next Generation Science Standards BUT it is perfect for the exploration of plants, animals, and YOU for everyone.
Plants, Animals, and Us!
How are we alike yet different?

Each section of this packet has suggested reading (both informational and realistic fiction), a list of specific objectives to be met, and vocabulary for posting.

There is a cover for keeping all the activities together.
I like to make them into a booklet by copying and stapling.
Because of the cut and paste activities do not run them front to back.
Here you see the cover, a page with informational text to help the students gather information, and a sorting activity for pre assessment.

These pages focus on the parts of plants and their importance.
Next students complete an experiment, write about it and then reflect.

Here we see a second experiment, a life cycle activity, and again a reflection.

Animals are similar to plants.

 Cover, Informational text, sort.
Life cycles

Characteristics of specific animals.

How animals communicate...text and predictions.
Next we look at specific animals and then compare animals to plants.

In the end we look at US!

Students will explore traits, generations, communication, and survival.

There is a family/school activity sharing baby pictures and a letter from parents.

In the end each student will CREATE!


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