Wednesday, July 26, 2017

August Calendar...Interactive Journal!

Yep August is almost here!
Just a couple days.
And there is no better way to teach time and mathematics than through daily calendar activities.

There are 16 colorful vocabulary cards for posting.
The anchor chart is ideal for your writing center.
There are 31 numbers with sunshines.
I use mine for my calendar BUT you could also use them for counting to 120.
Just copy, laminate and cut.

The second part of the packet is the Calendar Journal.
My class uses this everyday after lunch.
It is a way we regroup and get ready for the afternoon.
I have a meteorologist each day who shares the weather and temperature with us using Weather Channel.  Using the SMARTBoard we love comparing our area to another state.
Step One: Fill in the date and add any special events.
Step Two:  Mark the Weather Chart
Step Three:  Record the Temperature

Next is a journal page for each day.
Today is...Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri.
Write the date August ___, 2017
It is warmer or colder than yesterday.
It is sunny etc.
How many days of school
Tallies, word, and more!!
Plus a daily math review.
As you move through the year it is amazing to allow students to solve mathematical problems.
If it is 45 degrees yesterday and 50 today is it warmer of colder?
How much warmer?
Show us on the number grid.
How many more days until ____?
Use the calendar if you need.
Write a problem to show how you found the answer.


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