Monday, July 10, 2017

Classroom Decor...Colorful and Editable!

Here is a colorful classroom theme that will work the entire school year.
It will save you time and money!
It is colorful and editable so you can add your special touch.
The packet contains suggestions and directions.

The letters can be copied and laminated then posted for WELCOME BACK!
I love using the acrylic frames in my classroom and these anchor charts fit perfectly.
Finally there are several color pennants you can hang on a colorful ribbon for a banner.

Next there are name tags.  I use some for lockers and the small ones for name tags for open house and the first day.  Run the small name tags on full label sheets so they will self stick.

These name tags are used on student tables.  They have an alphabet and a number line.
There are also table signs.  They can be hung or mounted on the table.

My favorite bulletin board every year is our class photos.
It stays up all year.  I take a photo at the beginning, middle, and end to see how we grow!

This alphabet is so cute for posting.
It matches the kidlettes theme

The numbers are also the kidlettes theme and match the alphabet.

These are used around the clock.
It is so helpful when the students are learning to tell time.

Here are items for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY board.
Several cupcakes for student's birthdates.
Colorful pennants to make a birthday banner.
Letters for title.
Clip art for decorating.

I always make my own calendar.
There are the months, numbers to 31, days of the week.

I post this for behavior.  I do not clip up and down but I do point to the sign and use eye contact with student.  There are also behavior notes for home/school connection.

These labels are great for how we get home.
There is an editable sheet for listing student names and how they get home or use the name cards below.

Put velcro on the job card and the student name cards.
Then you can change the jobs daily.

There are 6 signs for posting in center areas. Acrylic frames work great!

It includes a teacher binder (editable) cover and signs for the pencil sharpener area.
I put them on boxes.


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