Friday, July 7, 2017

Exploring Light and Sound Waves

Let's Explore Light and Sound Waves
The packet is filled with activities that allow students to predict, experiments, reflect, and create.
It allows you the teacher to assess, teach and provide meaningful activities for your class so they will better understand the core ideas of this topic.
Although it is written for NGSS 1st Grade other age level students would benefit from these activities.

There are 12 vocabulary cards for posting in the room.
These are followed by vocabulary building activities ideal for your word work center.

Core ideas are listed and ready for posting.
There is a home/school connection note for parents.
Covers are available so activities can be made into a booklet easier for organization.

Both sound and light begin with informational text.
You should also visit the library and pick up books for reviewing.
There are pre assessment activities in the form of a list and a sort.

Teaching is done through making predictions, testing our thoughts and then reflecting.
The first study is about illumination.
There is also an activity using mirrors and reflections.

This is followed by looking a opaque, transparent and translucent.
There are explorations, reflections and a post assessment.

Next students look at shadows.
A student observation and recording book is available for looking at shadows and the position of the sun.

Again sound begins with Informational text and pre assessments.

There are two experiments to study vibrations.
One is making a kazoo and the other is creating a rubber band guitar.
After creating and experimenting students reflect.

There is a final experiment on vibration and pitch with a reflection and a prediction.

As an end to the unit of study the students use what they learned to create a form of communication.


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