Sunday, July 9, 2017

Welcome to the SHOW!

YOUR CLASS will love this circus themed packet for word work using OW such as in SHOW and CLOWN.
There are games, activities, anchor charts perfect for small groups, independent practice, centers, and more.

Each sound has an anchor chart with 24 vocabulary cards and a poster for sorting.

Put all 48 cards in the center and have the students put them in the correct spot.
Put the anchor vocabulary list charts in the writing center.
Have your class focus on OW words for the week while writing about a circus.

The word sorts focus on cut and paste, read words, parts of speech, and writing.

There are two word searches, and two read and illustrate.
The Word mat provides letters for students to make words with and then write the words they make.
I like them to paste their favorite word at the end on the mat and then prepare an illustration.

The partner game has the students rolling a die and then reading the word list in different voices.
My class loves this.  There is one for OW Clown and OW Show.
The writing has students use a word in a sentence.

There are two styles of BINGO.
Each student makes their own game board.
The one focuses on the students reading words and finding the picture.
The other focuses on the students looking at the picture and finding the word.
This is ideal for small groups.


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