Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sally Ride and Neil Armstrong...American Heroes

Two American Heroes
Sally Ride and Neil Armstrong
Each in their own way an explorer discovering and sharing new information for us about space.

There are vocabulary cards with pictures for posting.
They are followed by word work...ABC order, parts of speech, making words.

Informational text is available in two levels.
There is also a "reading for detail" true or false.

Next you will find idea gathering opportunities.

There are opportunities for students to write about the ideas they gatted hered as well as opinion opportunities.

For Sally the students will look at the definition for astronaut and for Neil they will look at explorer.
Again their are differentiated final write pages.

And for your math center both Neil and Sally have two math games that accompany their study.
The activities shown here are for Sally Ride.
Those available for Neil Armstrong are similar yet a differentiated.

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  1. It is like you read my mind. We are trying to integrate social studies with NGSS and we were thinking people who changed the world. This would go perfect with the NGSS for moon and stars!