Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Farmer Dale's Red Pickup Truck! by Lisa Wheeler

I am so excited!
I just discovered that Lisa Wheeler lives just 3 miles from me in my small town of Addison, Michigan.
Until a visit to a local gift shop I had not read even one of her books and now I cannot seem to stop exploring them all.  

I had Porqupining...A prickly love story!(2002) my collection and read it every Valentine's Day to my class.
Never made the connection that Lisa was the author.
But now that I have discovered her and the delightful stories she creates I will certainly read more!

To date my favorite is Farmer Dale's Red Pickup Truck written in 2003.

This delightful story will capture your student's attention, bring a smile to their face, and have them wanting to read it again and again.
Its sequential pattern, delightful characters, and rhyme bring the trip to town in Farmer Dale's Red Pickup Truck a trip to remember.
"Moooove over" says Bossy Cow.
"Baaaad idea" says Woolly Sheep.
To celebrate my find and to thank Lisa for sharing this amazing story I want to provide all my followers with these FREEBIES! (PS...If you don't have the book talk to your librarian OR better yet find one for your classroom set.)

Note how each activity is differentiated to meet a variety of levels.

If you like these and want more for this wonderful story read on!!

I have differentiated the entire packet so grades k, 1, and 2 can work comfortably.

To follow the story I know your class will benefit from these activities.
An Author Study and two math for addition and another for subtraction.

There is a sequencing page, a who/what/where/when/why, and a character chat about Farmer Dale.

Students will describe the pickup truck, summarize the story and thing of questions they would like to ask Farmer Dale.  They will also predict why he is going to town.

Word work includes making words, ABC order, and Character match.

Finally work with cooperation...that is how the problem is solved.


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