Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Math...Allowing for Differentiation

One Game Board + Dice + Students = A Differentiated Mathematics Activity
As educators providing experiences meaningful to each individual student is important.
In order to make this happen it is important that we provide differentiated activities.
Differentiating does not always mean preparing a different activity for each students.
The examples here use the same game board and the same math strategy but differentiating using the number of dice the student uses to play the game.

Greater Than
Using one die they look at numbers to 6.
I love playing with students and asking questions.
I roll 5 and you roll 3.
Five is greater than 3.
How much greater?
Develop those levels of thinking.
By adding 2,3 or 4 die we encourage addition plus finding the greatest number.
I like to include the record keeping pages for accountability.

Same as greater than only this time we are looking at less than.
You might also introduce the signs. < >
Again differentiate by using more die.

You are teaching addition BUT some are ready for higher level addition.
Increase difficulty just by the number of die used.
I love if you are using 4 die.
Add 2 and Add 2 and what is the total.
A bit of higher level thinking involved.

Same is true with subtraction.
By increasing die used and adding the higher number you increase difficulty.

This is the subtraction to 10.
One die and find the difference.


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