Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14th, Valentine's Day

I am set for the big day!
Each student locker is decorated with "Whooo do you love?" from Glyph Girls.  I think they are a "hoot"!!
The wreath on the door will greet the children as it has each day this school year.  It is an OLD grapevine wreath.  I add bows to match the month and pencils.  Easy but cute.
Then here we go...Valentine's Day!
Despite the fact that everything is set to go we had a "Late Start" soooo... I wait!
The students each created Valentine boxes to put Valentines in.  
In our word center each have a set of colorful cards to make words from Valentines.
In math we will be solving number stories using candy hearts as well as graphing with them.
A student favorite is making a Rebus Sentence.  Some will make many!
Before the party we will complete another Glyph Girl activity by making Love Bugs and collecting data!
Now all I need are my 1st grade friends so our special day can begin!


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