Monday, August 13, 2012

1st Day is on it's way and a "freebie"!

We are going to start the year with the story the Kissing Hand.
I will certainly want to go over the vocabulary words.
Next we will tour the school using the clues Chester left us.
And then a little craft to hang.
Working With Words with focus on -ed and -ing.

What do you and Chester do?
During the day and at night.
There are activities for Opposites...

Working in partners the students will spin and discuss parts of the story.
I love having students work in partners.  It is a great way to build communication skills.

In math we will be collecting data and recording how we felt on the first day.

Chester is going to bring each student a cupcake.

Click here for the "freebie"
Students will find these on their desks when they arrive.


  1. Thanks for the freebie! It's cute. Too bad our first day was today but I might do it anyway. It's a nice time filler and it's easy.
    Thanks again!

    Mr. Michelbook's Classroom

  2. I love your Kissing Hand unit. Where did you get the Paw Print Scavenger Hunt?Did you make it? What a great idea & a fun way to spice up the regular tour of the school. Thanks for sharing!

    First Grade Fairytales