Thursday, March 14, 2013

Potato fun!

We are ending our week on St. Patrick's tomorrow.  It has been so exciting and a wonderful learning experience as we visited Ireland, stretched our vocabulary and practiced reading and writing with our leprechaun friend.  Today we will have the "potato race".  Perfect fit with the Force and Motion Unit we are currently completing. (Speed, friction, size, motion)  We also learned how to plant and grow a potato.  Pretty great experiences that embed the Common Core.  For the story we are talking about the character.  What he sees, feels, thinks and does.  Enjoy your day!  Michele

This little guy leaves us a treat and a note each day.

Students entered today with a treat and a game to play quietly at their seats.

Vocabulary we are learning to read and spell.


  1. I love this! I wish we could have done more with St. Patrick's Day in our class, but we have been on spring break this week (not complaining about that!) so there wasn't really a good time to focus on it. I love your ideas, though!