Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Making Your Lessons "POP"!

Using an interactive white board (Promethean, SMART) and a product you have purchased on Teacher's Notebook you can bring your lessons to life and in full color! Whether it is science, math, reading or writing your class will now have the perfect visual for presenting materials. Let's look at this example of a lesson on "blowing bubbles" where I have taken pages from the Bubble Packet and embedded video and images to enhance the lesson.
First, you will PRINT the packet or pages from the packet into SMART or other interactive white board you are using. (Open PDF and then print to your interactive board.)
Next, you pages or packet will now be on your white board for easy access and viewing.
In the lesson today the student will be blowing bubbles, creating observations and then writing about their experience.  Notice I added the bubbles to the insert to begin discussion on who has blown bubbles before.
Next I easily added a slide to the presentation so we can see what the class already knows about bubbles.  Student ideas can be put right here so after the lesson we can go back, correct misconceptions and add new facts.
Also embedded on this slide are two quick videos for the class to watch before we blow bubbles.  One is on how to blow bubbles and the other is on giant bubbles.  Short, informative and builds interest and ideas.
After we have blown our bubbles and even taken a few pictures we will as a class brainsotrm what we learned. 
Students will then return to their areas to create their own pre write page.  They can use the ideas we created as a class or use some of their own.  I always correct these before they prepare their final write.
While the students are writing I will upload pictures of us blowing bubbles for the class to view after writing and while they are preparing to create their illustration.  If it is not something we did I will often upload real images of the topic.  If it is an animal some children may never have seen this animal so real images are better than clip art.  You can also use SMILEBOX or ONE TRUE MEDIA to put all the pictures together and create a video.  Easy and quick.  If you go here on the website you will see a sample video using One True Media.
See how using your product purchased can "pop" just by embedding a few simple items into your presentation and lesson plans!  Enjoy!  Michele


  1. We LOVE using our SMART Board for everything!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. Thanks for the ideas! My students love our Promethean board. I'll use some of your ideas next year.