Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thank you one and all!!

My wishes are all coming true!  Spartan Victories...Snow Day Tomorrow after a two week break...and most importantly because of all of you I grew my Facebook page and my Followers on my blog.
My computer is not sure what to think as I have sent out close to 150 free products between my two promotions.  I so hope you all will enjoy them with your kiddos at school.

Lucky me...because there is a snow day tomorrow I am going to get to finish my Reading For Detail packet.  It has taken hours to create BUT I think it will be worth the efforts to increase my student's ability to use text to answer question and find information.  The packet will contain 40 Informational Text passages and 40 Literature passages.  Each passage is followed by standards from the Common Core that kiddos are suppose to master.  Below are two samples for you!  I would love your feedback.  My final thoughts...
Oh Mother Nature...Let It Snow!!!  Michele
         Literature                          Informational Text


  1. Congratulations on all of that! You deserve to have a huge following. You are one of the most generous bloggers AND you have amazing ideas. Thank you for the freebies and enjoy your snow day!

  2. Hope that you enjoyed your snow day! I live just over the boarder near Blissfield. Sounds like we all get another snow day on Tuesday too! Stay warm and thanks for the freebie! This packet looks perfect!