Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Journeys Common Core Theme Connections

Today I said I would share theme connections for Journeys.  As I  thought about it I felt you might appreciate how I plan my lessons and month.  I am sharing with you what I have prepared for August and September but if you download the link below you will get blank ones for you.  I hope these prove helpful.
You will see that a picture of each packet designed to enhance and supplement the topics, lessons, skills, and classroom are added.  The themes almost always have crafts for decorating the room.  As I work I am changing all my packets over to Save My Ink.  I think this will prove helpful in the long run.  It is taking longer than I thought though and there is a big expense in purchasing the clip art.  Time is clicking away before school starts and I hope these will speed up your planning.  Michele


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