Thursday, November 6, 2014

Friday Freebie!!

I have been sooooo bad about blogging but NOT because I have forgotten about it.
School...imagine that has gotten in the way!
Progress Reports, Conferences, New Month to decorate for and more!
But you can usually always count on me for the Friday Freebie.
I just finished copying this wonderful packet and can't wait to get started!
This is a little freebie that I just love.
If you like it you can copy it here.
Then this is the newsletter I use to send information home for the week.  I tried something new and did it in Power Point so you can type you info in.  Fingers crossed it works.  If not I will send a PDF version.
And these are the cutest little Native Americans to decorate with.  I am so excited.

Have a good weekend everyone.  I know I plan to...BIG MSU vs OSU game.  I am a Sparty fan!


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