Monday, February 23, 2015

Chinese New Year

I think the cold has caused a "sluggish" attitude.  I can see why animals hibernate.  In reflecting I have a feeling I have also fallen into that pattern.  Therefore my posts have been few and far between.  It is getting difficult to get any kind of momentum going with late starts and snow/freezing cold days.  It is frustrating.  Testing begins today so for the each student I am hoping for consistent schedules.
So enough of my excuses/whining!
We are going to open this week with a Chinese New Year Celebration.  There are endless possibilities that promote content enforcement: Cause/Effect...Compare/Contrast...Vocabulary
Best of all using informational text to uncover facts about another culture.  I absolutely love embedding content and strategy building  into a theme that is a real life experience.  So let's dig in and uncover facts about Chinese New Year.
The packet has Chinese New Year and our New Year.
Scholastic News provides a wealth of information and visuals.

Two of my favorite books for this theme.
Yep green, we were low on white paper!  ABC order for vocabulary and Cause and Effect using the story the Lion Dancer.


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