Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Sale!!

Stop by May 2nd to May 4th to check out the SALE.
What is a First Grade Teacher?
A first grade teacher is the leader of children, none of whom look, act, think, behave, talk, or grow the same way.  They welcome their students, that make up their class, who have loose teeth in their mouth, questions on their mind, and Band-Aids on their knees.
A first grade teacher is able to collect more things from their students during the first minute of school than most grades could accomplish in a full day.  A few of the items shared might be a flower, wilted leaves, a homemade cookie, a pretty stone, a note from mom, lunch money, or a book for show and tell.
A first grade teacher is eager to listen to the latest developments of every student’s life.  They know when a family member has a birthday, what sport each child plays, vacations that are planned, a brother or sister who is a bother, or an event that caused disappointment.
A first grade teacher cleans glue off the tables, picks up scraps from the floor, spends hours planning lessons, spends a fortune on special projects, and gives all their attention to meeting the needs of their unique class.  They leave after school exhausted with a headache but return each morning with a warm smile on their face ready to greet each student all over again.
A first grade teacher brings joy to their students each day throughout the year.  They are devoted to seeing that each student succeeds socially, emotionally, and educationally.
 A first grade teacher often feels unappreciated  and overworked UNTIL found on their desk, written in messy manuscript, they find a note with the deepest feeling…I LOVE YOU!
First grade teachers you ARE appreciated!!