Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Crazy Hair Day!

 We love spirit days!
And here is a perfect way to celebrate Crazy Hair Day!
There are enough activities to fill a complete day with reading, writing, word work, and mathematics.
So send the invitation and ...
Let's Celebrate!
Check out the adorable opportunity to write about their hair and decorate.
Patterns are provided but kiddos can certainly use their own creative ideas!!

There are 6 word work pages including:
ABC order, Making Words, Syllables, Word Search, 
Rhyme, Word Sort (-ere, -air, -are)

Writing includes:
idea gathering, sensory, opinion, and narrative.
Final write pages are included.

I love the listening and communication section.
So will your class.

I found these four special stories to accompany the day.
Comprehension activities follow.
Mathematic games include:
data collection, addition to 12 and 24, greater than and less than.


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