Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Classroom Theme ... Welcome Aboard!

Welcome Aboard...Hello Matey...This Crew
I can't think of a more enjoyable classroom theme.
Check it out!!

Love name tags... some with lowercase letters and numbers to 20 for desks,  plain for lockers or cubbies, small square ones for other identification.

I number my tables.  You can place these in the middle of your table or hang them from the ceiling with a group of desks.
I also number my students.  These life buoys are numbered to put in cubbies for each student or to number each student box.  The Ahoy Matey can hold student numbers and student names. 

The welcome aboard  can be blown up if you wish and then use this pattern and put student pictures and names in it.  I also have letters all printed to be cut out for a bulletin board.
Create a hanging border or banner using the pennants.

Or I absolutely LOVE these photo frames for student pictures.
There is a sailor themed alphabet and numbers for posting in the room.

Put these labels round your clock and also create a calendar with these labels.

I enjoy making a bulletin board for the first few weeks on "How we go!"
Student pictures can be put below each way.

There are also anchor charts for you to identify your literacy centers and technology area.
A school supply hand out is included as well as a "Teacher Binder" cover.
Carry the theme right into you behavior plan.


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