Thursday, March 14, 2019

Favorite April Curriculum!

These games and activities are PERFECT for your literacy and math centers.
Each game has a April theme...Earth Day, Spring, April Fool, Easter
There are games and activities for reading, writing, word work and mathematics.

Nothing could be cuter than these writing activities and page toppers.
They are perfect for showcasing student writing.
There are a number of graphic organizers that encourage creative writing.

This monthly writing program proved so effective in growing my students writing.
They made so much progress in just one year and the best part was that with the journal it was so easy to collect writing samples September to June.
There are 4 complete lessons, one for each week, including grammar , suggested literature  AND best of all the graphic organizers and final write pages that are differentiated to meet all academic needs of the students.

After reading the benefits of reading aloud I know this packet is valuable.  
There are 4 suggested literature pieces with complete lesson plans.
Teacher reads the story and the activities that follow focus on building the comprehension standards for students.  

Each student can have their own book as well as the opportunity to highlight key vocabulary and facts.  Read and then create a writing assignment to follow.

Perfect activities to follow the story.

Your class will love the story and the activities in this packet bring academic skills into the lesson.
Even a cute little chick.

133 pages of reading, writing, word work, mathematics and so much more.

Spring is "new life".  Baby animals are being born.  So why not talk about the students when they were babies calling it...

This packet is filled with games, activities and many mini lessons on Earth Day!


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