Thursday, June 25, 2020

Math and Literacy Activities!

A Back to School...September resource filled with math and literacy activities.
90 activities for just $5.00
This packet is PERFECT for back to school because of its BACK TO SCHOOL theme.
Activities will fit in your literacy and math centers.
They can be used as morning eye openers.
All activities would be helpful for large and small groups.
I developed them to uses for those first couple weeks of school when you are assessing student ability and need lots of choices.
Because of the leveled choices each activity will fit a wide variety of student needs. 
It is filled with activities for Word Work, Writing, and Mathematics and YES each activity is differentiated to meet low/average/advanced levels in your classroom.
This packet was designed to fill your centers those first few weeks with fun filled, meaningful activities that will promote academic growth and provide student independence.(Activities can also be completed as whole or small group.)
There are three key topics in the packet:
Back to School
School Supplies

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