Saturday, October 17, 2020

Free Literacy Companion for A Turkey for Thanksgiving!


Mrs. Moose is getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with friends BUT she really wants a live turkey to join them. 

This story will delight your class with its surprise ending and allow plenty of opportunities for discussion and recall.

This resource provides activities for practicing comprehension strategies.

Story Recall...Somebody Wanted But

Story Sequencing...In what order did Mr. Moose meet his friends?

Story Cause and Effect

Story Compare and Contrast...The Moose Family Thanksgiving/My Family Thanksgiving

Find it here.
This interactive resource is so much fun!
Your class will enjoy practicing comprehension strategies using the google slides.
Slide One:  Click and drag...Somebody, wanted, so, but
Slide Two:  Click and the story ended
  Type who is at your Thanksgiving table
Slide Three:  Click and drag...sequence of animal friends met along the way
Slide Four:  Click and drag...Cause and Effect
Slide Five:  Type...Compare and contrast the Moose Thanksgiving to Your Thanksgiving


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