Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Abraham Lincoln

Find it here.

Let's celebrate Abraham Lincoln.

This Interactive Google Slide resource is filled with informational text about this American hero.

Slide One:  Abraham Lincoln Poem...Let's chat (gather facts from the poem.)

Slide Two:  Abraham Lincoln ...Informational text...(read and pull out key facts from text)

Slide Three:  Abraham Lincoln's Life...Sequence and drag

Slide Four:  Abe's Tall Hat... What would Abe carry in that tall black hat? Click and drag, type, both

Slide Five:  Story...Abe and his love for books... Self to text 

Slide Six:  AbeLincoln...Click and drag letters to make words.

Slide Seven:  Items recognizing Abe Lincoln

One of my favorite books to use when talking about Abraham Lincoln.

We celebrate Abe Lincoln's birthday on February 12th. 

This packet is filled with activities to engage students to discover facts about Abe Lincoln while focusing on reading, writing and word work.

The packet includes:

Craft...Abe Lincoln (can be used as page topper or used on a bulletin board)

Literature Suggestion

Colorful vocabulary cards for posting with pictures

Three forms of informational text (single page, fold and read, mini book)

Time Line

Word Study...Abe Lincoln, Honest

2 Graphic Organizers for gathering facts and ideas for writing

Leveled pages for showcasing student writing

Working with Words...Let's Make Words from the letters in Abe Lincoln, Parts of Speech

Poem and Activity Sheet to follow

If I lived with Abe...

Abe and His Tall Black Hat

Flipping a Penny



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