Monday, April 30, 2012

Life...We did Us, Insects and now Plants!

Gotta love the Spring to share all the connections between plant and animal life!
To begin our study the students wrote what they knew about plants and did a pre true or false quiz.  We will take the same quiz again at the end of our unit and see how much we learned.

Our vocabulary is out and ready!  Even the Little Red Hen will play a role in this unit.

This is the ABC order from my new packet on   Plants...Growing  vocabulary!
This was in our word work today.

In the reading station there were leveled books on plants with stickies for collecting new facts.

And in writing we rolled a word and wrote a sentence.  What a success this was!

Our chrysalis are hanging!  Of course they did it while we were away over the weekend.

But they left us four large "skin shedding" treasures.
Today we began our study on plants.  I love teaching this right after insects because the students can see the real life connections on how plants and insects depend on each other.  Last year I purchased these seed starters and I had my best results yet for seed growth.  We planted pumpkin, sunflower and bean seeds.
Here they are all planted and marked with our plant markers.  I put them right next to our chrysalis.


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