Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Little Red Hen...what did she plant?

In our Word Work center today we had fun spinning a word related to plants and then playing TicTacToe.  We used seeds for the markers!  What fun.

We also read The Little Red Hen.  Before we read the story the children wrote  what they remembered about the story.  Following the reading we added one detail we had forgotten to share.  Then we created these adorable "hens"!

To complete the theme we planted a wheat seed.  Each student was given a straw, a square of paper towel and a wheat seed.  The towel gets folded and twisted into the straw leaving a little out for the water to soak in.  The seed is then dropped into the straw and put in a cup of water.  Now...let the growing begin!


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  3. Yikes...I have really messed up this comment thing today! : ) I noticed that your AMAZING plant unit made it in the top 25 this week on TPT!!!!! I bought it and am loving it this week. I am the one who left you the mile long feedback love! : ) Congrats, girl!