Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A cold day here...and a "freebie"!

It is cold here so our snowman theme is perfect.  I wanted to post for you some delightful activities we did in class.  The favorite was:  We read All You Need To Make A Snowman
In the story the friends built a snowman and a snowman friend.  So following the story we got with a friend an together the kiddos "spun for a snowman".  It was so cute.  When we were done we collected our data on how many of each item we spun.  Very cute.  It is in my Balanced Literacy with a Snowman Theme packet but for you, my followers, it is a freebie! (The font is not as cute because I am not on my home computer.  Sorry!)
 And...just another cute snowman idea!  For my warmer weather folks how about a snowman with sunglasses and flip flops!  Even a sun hat would be so cute.  Michele


  1. Cuh-ute! Those would be perfect hanging from the ceiling Michele! Ours would certainly be sportin a bikini and sunscreen!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. Adorable as usual...I know what I'm doing on Friday!! AND even though it is freezing were I live you've got me thinking about flip flop wearing snow people! Thanks for another great freebie. Jodi