Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jan Brett and the Hat

What a wonderful day we had.
It began with us writing in our journals about which we would choose...hat/earmuffs.
Each child had to share a reason why and then add an illustration.
Following that we made a wonderful class graph using hats and earmuffs.  It is hanging in the hall.
This concluded with us writing about our data.  We discovered 14 kiddos picked hats and 8 kiddos picked earmuffs.  We dug even deeper and discovered that only 2 boys liked earmuffs and only 3 girls like hats.  Hmmm!
We ended our reading with a wonderful sequence activity.  The class had to recall the title of the story, the characters and then the author and illustrator.  Using the sequence page we took this information put it in order.
We focused on the numbers first, second, third...
Tomorrow The Mitten.  We will be making mitten cookies.  Look for the pictures. Michele
Sorry no "freebie" tonight.  Just too busy and getting ready for progress reports again.  Ugh!!

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  1. I don't need a freebie to enjoy your blog! You sure get a lot done in a day!! Have fun tomorrow. Jodi