Sunday, May 12, 2013

Back to School???

I know the End of the Year always gets me thinking about how I am going to "begin the year" and so... if you are interested check these out for some ideas for themes.  If you purchased them last year they have all been revised and updated so you can download them for free. To visit just pop over to the side of my blog and click on the picture.  Don't forget to download the "freebie"!  Michele


  1. Hello Mrs.Henson. I'm Tiffany Johnson, a graduating senior at Fort Lauderdale High School. I had a pleasure of having your brother as a teacher. Meeting Mr.Carlton has allowed me to become introduced to this amazing website. I will be attending University of South Florida in Tampa, majoring in elementary education. I will love to hear from you and receive the teaching secrets. Lol.

  2. The end of the year gets me geared up for next year, too. I actually wrote everything down and made a plan for things to do better and differently next year. Thanks for all your ideas. I have a couple of those pouches that someone made for me. What do you do with them?