Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life changes...and two cute crafts!

I am so excited!
Our caterpillars did all they were suppose to do to this point.
They shed their skin and are now in their chrysalis.
My seeds are a bit sorry looking but they are sprouting and the seeds on many are still attached for us to observe.
I think the cold weather stunted their growth.
All of this fits perfectly though as we continue through our rainforest journey.
I meant to take pictures of our fabulous reports on the animals of the rainforest BUT I failed to do it.
I was so impressed especially when the next day we went to the computer lab and they typed a paragraph and inserted a picture.  New Common Core problem using the units I have prepared.

We made these as a break after our research reporting.

We made these after reading  The Umbrella by Jan Brett.


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