Thursday, December 5, 2013

Almost Friday Freebie!!

And I promised you a Friday Freebie!  Here it is.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as my kiddos did.
We even tried our hand at writing our own stories following this.  One ran to the forest.  Another to the soccer game.  They were pretty darn cute and all I did was give them starting ideas.
You baked the Gingerbread Boy/Girl/Soccer Player/and more
What did he/she look like?
I think my all time favorite was a Gingerbread Soccer Player who ran to the soccer field.
He met the players, almost got run over, sat on top of the net, and finally the referee caught him.
In this story the referee took him home and made a whole team of Gingerbread cookies.
Kiddos are really creative if you give them some ideas this little rap.  Your class will love it and so will you!

Here is your Gingerbread Reader's Theater.  Enjoy!!  Michele


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