Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Year Resolution...Grow my list of followers!

Okay all...My New Year's Resolution is to grow my list of followers.  I want to reach out and share with as many people as I can.  Are there any suggestions or success stories out there?  PLEASE HELP!!
The plant on the left is my "following" now...we are small but mighty.  My New Year's Resolution is to grow like the plant on the right.  The look on the little girls face is how I am feeling..."What's a "blogger" got to do to get people to follow them?  I think the world of all of you so help me out with some ideas.  Michele


  1. I'm your newest follower! Stop by & say HI! wendy 1stgradefireworks

  2. Michele
    You are one of my favorite sellers on Tpt. You have the best work-- I think I own and use more than half of your store.
    Here is what I have seen that seems to help other bloggers with followers
    • Are you on facebook? Lots of bloggers have a facebook
    page as well
    • a friend who blogs an has lots of followers holds a giveaway but
    in order to win you have to follow your blog
    •you can do the same with a giveaway or if you reach a certain number you'll have a prize and put all the names in and draw people
    randomly for prizes
    •free items for followers only or if they share on pinterest
    •"pinning " your items for a chance in a draw for free items from your store
    I have seen tons of these types of ways plus
    just asking your followers to "share" so you can get more followers. :)
    I live your work and I think you could have so many more followers.
    Good Luck! Karmen

  3. Whoops! The last line should say I love your work-- I really do!

  4. I love your blog just the way it is! I am a happy reader and my students have benefited from your many, many freebies! Best wishes whatever you decide to do. Thank you again from a loyal reader!

  5. Love all the ideas and kind words!! Thanks Keep them coming. Love the Facebook idea. Hmmmm

  6. I've been trying to grow my list of followers, too. It's hard. Especially when I get busy and my blog gets neglected. A suggestion I've received is to post on blogs to help get you name out there.

    I love reading your blog!

    Jeremy @ Mr. Michelbook's Classroom

  7. Oh Michele- you know how much we love you!! If you really want to be busy Facebook, Bloglovin, Instagram will all get you noticed!!! I tell all my friends about you and I visit your page and store regularly- but Facebook would get you instant fans!! XO! Robin Barrett

  8. Facebook seems like the place to be these days so glad you joined! I would also recommend Bloglovin. I do not even go to my Google blogger dashboard anymore and I would assume that the majority of readers don't either since the demise of Google Reader. Bloglovin' sends a daily feed to your inbox of recent blog posts. Between the email and fb that's how I do my reading now. Instagram is also super hot right now. Good luck on your quest!

  9. Just found you... :) Can't wait to see all you have to share. I did see a lot of freebies and that always makes me smile! I will share with my teammates. I seriously don't know how you all keep up blogs, face books, and teaching. I so admire you.