Thursday, April 24, 2014

Butterflies...Now waiting for wings!

Butterflies are beautiful and the process of watching their life cycle is so amazing for students.
Insect Lore has caterpillars to order and your class will LOVE watching the transformation.

I love the 12 colorful vocabulary cards for posting and the word work activities that accompany them.

There is a 10 paged mini book filled with information about the life cycle of the butterfly.
That is followed by a cut and paste time line and a definition page on metamorphosis.

Following the informational text are a wide variety of graphic organizers for students to record information.

There is also a fact sheet on butterflies and activities to follow that.

The packet includes a class book cover for the butterfly life cycle and a persuasive writing page on if a butterfly would make a good pet.

My favorite is the delightful Reader's Theater.
There are adorable pictures for putting on a headband to identify characters.
And look at the cute crafts for decorating the room.  Your kiddos will love them.

There is a wonderful literature suggestion section filled with activities to follow each story.


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