Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Clever Tom!!

The Leprechaun stopped by today and left our tiny hats and an "elf" cookie treat.
We read Clever Tom and the Leprechaun followed by some creative ideas on HOW WOULD YOU CATCH A LEPRECHAUN.  My teammates had their kiddos make traps but my class is a little "out of their bubbles" this year sooooo we wrote about catching them instead.  Not nearly as much fun BUT we were able to keep the kiddos under control.  I need a little "elf" magic on a daily basis this year!! Oh I did do something out of the ordinary and sprinkled a tiny "fairy dust" sparkles...on their desk.  I told them if they keep VERY quiet that this "fairy dust" attracted leprechauns.  So you see my plan of action!!


  1. What a cute the fairy dust. I had my "elf" send a letter to my kids and introduce a frog. He said he was pretty busy this time of year getting toys ready for Christmas, but his friend the frog could come. He can only stay until the first day of spring, though. He would report back to the elf and let him know what was going on. So he came last Monday and is leaving tomorrow--10 days with us. We wrote with green colored pencils one day, green markers another, had some treats he left for us, chewed green gum, wrote about frogs, and tomorrow we will do a frog craft. Their behavior has definitely improved. Maybe you can get a stuffed rabbit, duck, or something and keep it for a few weeks until Easter. Spring fever can drive us all a bit batty right now!

  2. Spring cannot arrive soon enough!! I love your ideas. Please take a peek at my Duck/Rabbit freebie. It might work perfect for this! Michele