Thursday, March 12, 2015

I've got Spring Fever!!

I so have Spring Fever and so what better way to solve it than start preparing for my April Curriculum.  One nice thing about writing your own curriculum is that you are assured each and every standard is covered, practiced, and enforced while allowing for creativity and a little FUN!!
I always plan using my spreadsheet.  It is available in my Editable Teachers Packet.
Obviously I need to get busy on Unit 6 and my Money packet.
I also am going to update to my ink... the ecology packet.

This is the editable binder and I am sure it goes above and beyond what you will need to have a successful year.  Best of all it is EDITABLE!!

Going to start with this.  I can't wait to hang these to decorate for Spring.

Another quick but neat craft is this!

 It really is just play "bunny" fun!!
This is a tremendous long term packet that includes many stories for April.
This will be my science for the month.
For those of us in the northern part of the USA a welcome WEATHER change has arrived.

And as always I LOVE these math games for practice, review, enrichment.
Perfect for parent helpers, free time, supplement.

I wish I could give you each and every packet for free but that would defeat my secondary purpose for creating.  I do it first because they make my classroom a special, enjoyable, curriculum based with rigor, and creative place for kiddos to learn.  I do it second because as a teacher I enjoy using others products that are teacher tested and written by those who know best TEACHERS! I do it finally because I LOVE designing curriculum and watching students smile and learn as they participate.  Since I cannot give them all away I so have this freebie for you!  I so hope you will enjoy it!!
Tomorrow we will get back to our Laura Numeroff ideas.
Moose and muffins yesterday.
Dog and donuts today!!
Tomorrow cat and cupcake with another freebie!!


  1. Thanks for the freebie. Love the bunny craft!

  2. Thank you! I have Spring Fever, too!