Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy Friday...Happy May!

Good grief!
Have no idea where April went but my classroom is alive in May already!
Our plants are really reaching tall and we just planted a week ago.  For someone who does not have a green thumb that is a miracle.  I have started using the little seed starter pellets where you add water, they puff up, and you plop the seeds in.  I then transfer them into the smaller pots once they have started.  We have really seen each stage of growth and I am thrilled!! We have not made the craft yet but I will post as soon as we do.

Next, two of our butterflies have hatched!  We are waiting for the others.  Watching the complete life cycle is so amazing.  Metamorphosis is a miracle in my opinion!!

And how can you forget moms and their babies.
Next week we celebrate moms along with what they were like as a baby.  We include asking parents to write a letter and also send in pictures.  As a class we each get an egg to care for.  LOL that is a learning experience.  Some are so very careful and others...well let's just say they have a great deal of maturing to do!  The baby pictures are always such a joy.  I am including the sheets so you can do it with your class.

For mom we are inviting her to a Magic Show. 
This entire packet is free!
Show mom a little magic like she works on YOU!!


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